NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

CHKS Limited

Opt outs honoured: N

Basis: Health and Social Care Act 2012

Format: Anonymised - ICO code compliant Non Sensitive

How often: Ongoing

When: unknown — 11/2016

HSCIC Id: DARS-NIC-10891-M2Y6Z-v1.1

Data: Hospital Episode Statistics Accident and Emergency

Data: Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care

Data: Hospital Episode Statistics Critical Care

Data: Hospital Episode Statistics Outpatients

Data: Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) data split by trust and diagnosis group

Data: Office for National Statistics Mortality Data

Output: Specific outputs expected, including target date:

Data will only be used in processed form in solely the following outputs:

• CHKS live – this is a secure online portal which is accessible by authorised and authenticated users at CHKS client Trusts/CSUs/CCGs and authorised and authenticated CHKS staff. Users access the data through a range of indicator dashboards and scorecards presented at aggregate level. The online benchmarking and mortality profiling services are all accessible through the portal. Each client organisation is only given access to the specific services for which they have contracted;
• Bespoke reporting – electronic or hard copy reports provided to NHS Trusts, CCGs or CSUs, providing analysis and commentary on trends in healthcare. All small numbers are suppressed in reports.

It is anticipated that the above outputs will be available for use by contracted organisations within approximately 2 weeks of data being received by CHKS. Using the ONS mortality data CHKS will be able to generate summary indicators which take into account out of hospital mortality. It is anticipated that these indicators will be available within approximately 2 months of data being received by CHKS.
The Mortality profiling service will display Trusts HES data for their own specific activity. Trusts can drill down to record-level for their activity for the purposes of audits and to allow NHS Trusts to review mortality cases and monitor and improve patient care (the fields that will be available in this drill down are – Admission Date, Discharge Date, Date of Death, Method of Admission, Method of Discharge, Age, Sex, Risk Prediction, Primary Diagnosis, Secondary Diagnosis). The only patient-level data field which is potentially identifiable is Date of Death (when linked with the other available fields this may make the patient record identifiable, however the Trust will only have access to data pertaining to their own patients). None of the data is linked to any client-submitted data (CHKS will not combine SHMI data supplied under this agreement with any other data that CHKS holds, other than data in the public domain) but provides information on diagnosis codes to allow meaningful audit of key conditions. No form of patient ID (HES ID) or consultant ID is included in the record-level data available to NHS Trusts.

No individuals, doctors, consultants, or patients are ever identified in CHKS products, systems, or reporting using data provided by NHS Digital. Data are held in the above outputs only in pseudonymised or anonymised form.

Record level raw data are never made available to any third party other than where stated in this application (where NHS Trusts can access their own activity in CHKS tools).

Whilst CHKS is part of the Capita Group, data are only used by CHKS for the purposes above and not shared with other organisations within the Capita Group.
CHKS displays a HES data statement as per NHS Digital requirements which currently says: “HES data re-used with the permission of The Health and Social Care Information Centre. All rights reserved.” This can be updated to “HES data re-used with the permission of NHS Digital. All rights reserved.”

Activities: SHMI indicator data provided are processed using proprietary data processing software which analyses, cleanses, groups, and outputs the data into service-based patient-level databases. Any data are held only in pseudonymised form.
The ONS mortality data will be linked to HES data to allow analysis of out-of-hospital deaths. Data will never be directly linked with other datasets which could allow re-identification of individuals.

The CHKS live secure online system which is one of the outputs is held on CHKS servers. The servers are stored in Six Degrees Group datacentres which are located in England. Processed data is loaded to these servers by CHKS. Six Degrees Group do not have access to any of the outputs or data and are not involved in processing data.

To minimize the amount of data held CHKS uses a rolling five years (plus year to date) data to produce the outputs required. This is to allow sufficient historic comparison of past performance. As such CHKS would only be looking to retain data in this rolling period and will periodically delete any data held from before this period and return a certificate of destruction as required.

Objective: The Data Recipient agrees to process the Data only for the following two purposes agreed with NHS Digital:

Objective for processing:

To produce/analyse statistics using deaths data solely to help the NHS perform its duties.
CHKS will process the SHMI data, associated HES APC data, ONS mortality data for the services listed below:
• Benchmarking service for NHS Providers (Trusts) and Commissioners (CSUs and CCGs) – data are processed into a comparative database used to provide indicator level benchmarks both online and in offline reports.
• Mortality profiling service for NHS Trusts – data processed and accessible at record level in pseudonymised form by individual client site only.

The data will not be used for anything additional to the above purpose’s any further use of the data will be subject to an amendment of the agreement.

Benefits: Expected measurable benefits to health and/or social care including target date:

CHKS is currently contracted to provide services to 92 NHS organisations within England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with contracts extending into 2018 with the primary benefit to improve patient care within the NHS. CHKS contract renewals rates within the last year are approximately 90%.

The service provided by CHKS provides assurance for Trust boards and demonstrates NHS organisational commitment to continuous improvement. The services support internal analysis of performance, provide evidence for targeting improvement, demonstrate trends over time and progress made in priority areas, compare Trust performance against local targets and national peers, and engage users across client organisations.

The primary benefit of using the SHMI data and the HES-ONS linked mortality data is that it enables NHS organisations to identify areas where reductions in mortality may be made and to ultimately improve the quality of patient care. CHKS anticipates being able to provide case study examples of how SHMI data are used, to support future applications.

The HES-ONS linked mortality data will be used to allow analysis of both in, and out of, hospital mortality. This data will allow NHS organisations to identify particular case types where patients are dying after discharge from hospital, and identify areas where changes can be made to reduce mortality.

Source: NHS Digital.