NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Opt outs honoured: N

Basis: Informed Patient consent to permit the receipt, processing and release of data by the HSCIC

Format: Identifiable Non Sensitive

How often: Ongoing

When: unknown — 11/2016

HSCIC Id: DARS-NIC-148321-ZPHJ3-v0.0

Data: MRIS - Cohort Event Notification Report

Data: MRIS - Cause of Death Report

Data: MRIS - Scottish NHS / Registration

Data: Access to HES Data Interrogation system

Project info

Objective: No contact will be made with any individual(s) that could be identified from the information supplied, except as specified in the protocol and associated letters agreed between Royal Liverpool Hospital and NHS IC.

Any reports, papers or statistical tables that are published or released to other organisations will fully protect the identity of individuals in accordance with current NHS IC guidance.

Where there is doubt about the implications to a particular situation, the advice of the NHS IC will be sought. If subsequent to release, it appears possible that there is a risk of disclosure, the NHS IC will be informed immediately.

No attempt will be made to link the information supplied to any other data relating to identifiable individuals without the prior approval of the NHS IC. The prior agreement of the NHS IC will also be sought for any extension of this work beyond what was originally made known to the NHS IC, if it involves the use of data supplied or derived from that supplied by the NHS IC.

Source: NHS Digital.