NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

Society of Endocrinology

Opt outs honoured: N

Basis: Informed Patient consent to permit the receipt, processing and release of data by the HSCIC

Format: Identifiable Sensitive

How often: Ongoing

When: unknown — 11/2016

HSCIC Id: DARS-NIC-147893-ZFLWG-v0.0

Data: MRIS - Members and Postings Report

Data: MRIS - Cause of Death Report

Data: MRIS - Cohort Event Notification Report

Project info

Objective: Acromegaly is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, due largely to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and probably malignant disease. The incidence of acromegaly is reported to be between 4-6 new cases per million per year with a prevalence of approximately 40-60 per million. This equates in the UK to around 2,500 patients with acromegaly. Due to its comparative rarity no one centre can provide sufficient numbers of patients to enable analysis with sufficient statistical power. Therefore the UK Acromegaly register was established in 1997.

Source: NHS Digital.